About Us

Bollards are an important tool for protecting fragile equipment in high-traffic areas. This might be a fuel pump, junction box, or gas meter. Supermarkets can get just as busy as streets, and some people can be careless with their shopping trolleys or lose control in a moment of distraction.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are a key part of more stores’ anti-theft measures, and checkpoint bollards are designed to protect them from being damaged or knocked over by a shopping trolley. They are small enough to not impede traffic, and the surface-mounted system makes them easy to install and relocate.

NJM Group was founded in 1992 with six employees operating out of a 32m² facility providing services to universities and manufacturers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Today, the company has expanded to service the mining industry, railway stations, local councils, shopping centres and many more industries Australia wide. We manufacture and distribute products from our 1,700m² warehouse and factory in Heidelberg West.

We provide a wide range of safety and security solutions. We also pride ourselves on innovation and creating custom designs to suit your needs.